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Bothnian Arc

The Bothnian Arc is a coastal zone around the Gulf of Bothnia, at the northernmost end of the Baltic Sea. Geographically, the area includes six Swedish municipalities and three Finnish subregions, two town. In the area has a population of about 700 000.


Bothnian Arc is one of the cross-border organizations in the Nordic countries that are financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers.


The Bothnian Arc has a strategic location at the intersection of the Baltic Sea Region and the Barents Region. The Bothnian Arc can serve as a link and a meeting place between these areas, improving communications, and enabling social, cultural and economic exchanges.


Cross-border cooperation within the Bothnian Arc will open up new opportunities to build a strong and competitive region that sets high international standards in technology, enterprise, tourism, expertise and networking. This development process should also ensure that the people of the region have security and a good quality of life. But it must also be regarded as a step in the development of the whole of northern Europe.

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